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Welcome to, a revolutionary NEAR-based marketplace that empowers users to create and launch their own tokens, with a particular focus on memecoins. Backed by the pioneering OG memecoin on NEAR, SHITZU, is designed to democratize token creation and distribution, ensuring fair and transparent processes for all participants. Let's explore the key features and mechanisms that set apart.


Fair Price Discovery

One of the standout features of is its approach to price discovery. Unlike traditional Automated Market Maker (AMM) models, employs a staking-based price model for initial token distribution. This model ensures a more equitable price discovery process, as the final price is determined by the outcome of an auction rather than being influenced by early access or insider advantages.

Auction-Based Token Launch introduces an auction mechanism for token sales. Participants place bids on virtual coins, and if the total bids meet or exceed a virtual market cap of $25,000 (denominated in NEAR), the coin is created and distributed among the buyers at a fair price. This method eliminates the edge for low-latency buyers and insiders, fostering a level playing field for all participants.

Risk-Free Participation with Refund Mechanism

To protect participants from potential losses, includes a robust refund mechanism. If the auction does not meet the required target by the end of the auction period, the coin is not created, and all participants receive a full refund. This feature mitigates risk and ensures that no one loses their investment due to insufficient interest in the token.

User Revenue and Liquidity Management

Upon successful creation of a coin, a portion of the liquidity is deposited into Ref Finance and then burned. Participants who withdraw or unstake their funds before the end of the staking period incur a 2% fee. This fee is redistributed to those who remain staked until the auction concludes, incentivizing participants to stay engaged until the end.

Equitable Participation for All's system is designed to ensure that every participant, whether they join at the beginning or the end of the auction, contributes equally to the token’s success. This design prevents unfair advantages for early buyers or those with faster access, promoting a fair and inclusive environment for all users.

Organic and Fair Market Development

By removing the upper limit on the virtual market cap, allows for organic and fair price growth based on actual demand. This approach prevents market manipulation and promotes a stable and genuine market development, ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the tokens.

How to Launch a Token on

  1. Create a Virtual Token: Define the ticker, description, icon, social links, and other relevant details. Choose a launch period (options include 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours).
  2. Set a Required Market Cap: Determine a required deposit amount (e.g., 1,000 wNEAR) necessary to launch the token. The required amount must be reached by the end of the launch period.
  3. Manage Deposits: Participants deposit funds. If they withdraw before the end, a fee is redistributed to those who stay until the end.

Launch Period Outcomes

  1. Successful Funding: If the required deposit is reached, the token is created. The protocol earns a fee from the deposits. Half of the remaining deposit is used to create a liquidity pool (LP) on Ref Finance, which is locked permanently. Participants can then claim their tokens and any accrued withdrawal fees (in wNEAR).
  2. Insufficient Funding: If the required deposit is not reached, the token is not created. Participants can withdraw their deposits without any fee, and the protocol earns no fee.

Calculating Initial Market Cap

The initial market cap is calculated based on the liquidity pool (LP). For instance, if participants deposit 2,000 wNEAR for a token launch, and the LP is created with 2,000 wNEAR paired with 50% of the token supply, the market cap is approximately 4,000 wNEAR. If 1 wNEAR is valued at $5, the market cap is 4,000 wNEAR * $5 = $20,000.

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