We are the OG grassroots incubator of NEAR. The best hangout place in entire web3.


Being born on April Fool's, $SHITZU keeps it foolishly simple: 306,242,069 tokens, period. All circulating, no lock-ups, no vesting.


In celebration of SHITZU 2nd birthdays, the SHITZU Revival Collection was fully minted within just 129 seconds, marking the fastest minting event on the NEAR protocol since 2022.

SHITZU Token Farm

SHITZU community forked and modernized its functionality. We give SHITZU Revival NFT Holder enjoy exclusive access to the token deployment functionality. The site also provides a list of all tkn.near and its liquidity pool on Ref Finance.

Shitzu Farm

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A Historic Token Burn Event by the SHITZU Community

The SHITZU community has boldly burned 47% of $SHITZU tokens, stabilizing the market and setting the stage for future growth. With a swift migration of 29k tokens to $NEAR, the total supply now stands strong at 306.2 million.


You can't be me I'm a SHITSTAR

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your reputation within the SHITZU ecosystem. Remember, you are not just donating or participating—you are becoming the Shitstar.

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