MigrationOnce Aurora's unique meme token, now also shining on Near!

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We are the OG grassroots incubator of NEAR. The best hangout place in entire web3.

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Being born on April Fool's, $SHITZU keeps it foolishly simple: 576,167,000 tokens, period. All circulating, no lock-ups, no vesting.


In celebration of SHITZU 2nd birthdays, the SHITZU Revival Collection was fully minted within just 129 seconds, marking the fastest minting event on the NEAR protocol since 2022.

SHITZU Token Farm

SHITZU community forked tkn.farm and modernized its functionality. We give SHITZU Revival NFT Holder enjoy exclusive access to the token deployment functionality. The site also provides a list of all tkn.near and its liquidity pool on Ref Finance.

Shitzu Farm

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Staking SHITZU step-by-step

In this tutorial we will walk through the steps required to stake $SHITZU and $xREF tokens during memeseason.


Shitzurian has spoken. Bridge will be closed.

Shitzu community has decided to close the bridge and retire from its Aurora legacy. This is the final call to migrate any of your remaining legacy tokens by Mid June 2024.

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Hurry up! The bridge will be closed by June 15th, 2024