The shit hits the fan!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of $DOGSHIT! This token will represent a percentage of participation in Shitzu's meme pool. $DOGSHIT is a Fungible Token (FT) used as reward for stakers with the shitzu.pool.near validator. The way it works is that the contract wraps popular memecoins like $SHITZU, $LONK and $BLACKDRAGON.

Underlying meme tokens can be claimed by burning the 💩!

You can stake your $NEAR directly through app.shitzuapes.xyz which currently supports Meteor- and Here wallet. The app also reflects the proper APY. Alternatively, you can stake from telegram via the HOT wallet. Holders of the Shitzu Revival NFT will receive a 20% increased staking reward!

In order to celebrate the opening of our new shelter you can claim a small treat at https://shard.dog/shitzu.

Did we mention a retrospective shit(zu)drop to random holders of this sharddog?? 👀