MigrationOnce Aurora's unique meme token, now also shining on Near!

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Unparalleled in its design, $SHITZU sets itself apart as a meme token like no other. With a 24-hour free and fair mint using the innovative Proof of Finger consensus, a total supply of 576,167,000 tokens, and a fully verified contract, $SHITZU promises a unique and transparent experience. What's more, there are no trading taxes, no centralized dev team—just a 100% community-owned and driven initiative.
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Being born on April Fool's, $SHITZU keeps it foolishly simple: 576,167,000 tokens, period. All circulating, no lock-ups, no vesting.

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Ref Meme Season Is Here!

Join the SHITZU staking revolution during Ref Meme Season! Stake your $SHITZU in the first 6 days to maximize your rewards for the next 14 days. With a total pool of 125K $REF & 8333 $NEAR monthly, your early participation sets the meme gauge weight for rewards distribution.


The Great Migration

SHITZU, the inaugural meme coin of Aurora, is pioneering a migration to the NEAR protocol. With a community-driven ethos, SHITZU is innovating a seamless transition to SHITZUv2 on NEAR, ensuring a vibrant future without losing its unique charm or value.


SHITZU is joining NEARIA

NEARStarter and SHITZU Community, united since August 2022, collaborate to enrich the NEAR/Aurora ecosystem.

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